Big Boi-Mama Told Me ft. Kelly Rowland

A retro-futuristic production that sounds just like a slice of old-school Outkast and a popular feature guest-Big Boi might have the breakout single from his upcoming Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors album.

It admittedly becomes quite poppy when Kelly’s vocals and the bouncy production combine, particularly toward the second half of the track where she takes over with extended vocal work, but otherwise it’s an enjoyable hip-hop jam with plenty of perk and verve. The beat’s quite a quick-packed one and hence it makes the most of Big Boi’s abilities, with his speedy flow at its watertight best whilst his trademark (and intentional, given how long he’s been doing it) off-beat delivery makes appearances in short bursts here and there. The hook should elevate this one to a mainstream favourite, and expect more to come from Big Boi given the album’s due in little over a month.

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