August Alsina-Ring the Alarm (Video)

One of very few upcoming R&B artists, let alone upcomers with talent, Alsina drops off a brand new visual for this slow jam to bolster his burgeoining reputation.

Admittedly, it’s not one to necessarily make him stand out from the pack in terms of currently active R&B acts, but the solidity of the bedroom music he delivers here certainly makes for easy listening. The production is smooth and easygoing, relying heavily on clunky percussion and supporting it with soft synth work and samples, whilst August’s vocals are consistently likeable throughout as he shifts through several deliveries to good effect. Again, it’s not reinventing the wheel but music of this ilk is becoming harder to find, and it’s a refreshing slice of regularity in an R&B scene currently held together by acts who span beyond that restrictive genre box.

The visual’s nothing spectacular, mostly being monochrome performance shots of August, but it’s valuable camera time for the newcomer. No word on the download for this yet, but we’ll have it up on this post when it surfaces.

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