Angel Haze-Classick EP

She’s been bubbling under for quite some time, and whilst her good performance at the BET Cyphers certainly endeared her to many, this will surely be the project that sees her really break out into wider hip-hop consciousness.

This 6-track EP borrows some of her favourite beats from around the rap world, with her version of Eminem’s Cleanin’ Out My Closet already garnering a ton of attention due to its incredibly honest lyricism about a harrowing series of sexual abuse experiences, and whilst that in itself is hugely remarkable, her ability to storytell and construct strong raps is what really brings those memories out. There’s definitely a ton of potential here, and the selection of beats suggests we’ll get to see a few different elements of her skillset, all of which will hopefully combine well to give us another great upcoming act. Grab and stream the EP for free below.

Angel Haze-Classick EP

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