Zodiac-Zodiac EP (Stream)

If you’ve got any sense, you’ll have checked out the one previous release from this EP back in August, the Jesse Boykins III-featured Come. Now, The Weeknd’s former producer lets loose of the entire 5-track project and it’s one that chillout and alternative R&B fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

Fusing together soul sensibilities, moody R&B influences and doses of chillout electro, the productions are diverse and distinctive, and the atmospheric soundscapes couldn’t be a better answer introduction to Rose as a standalone producer. From the lively stylings of Girlgirlgirl, to the eerie Loss Config., the summer vibe of So Soon We Change and 138, which seems to be somewhere between the three, there’s a lot of variety here and enough to suggest Rose has a great future ahead of him. Hopefully, there’s more to come soon, but for now stream the EP over at Bleep below.

Zodiac-Zodiac EP

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