Wiz Khalifa-Remember Me ft. The Weeknd

Word got around about these two working together a few weeks back, and that collaboration surfaces as part of Wiz’s upcoming O.N.I.F.C. album, currently set for a 4th December release. I’m sure most of you aren’t too fussed about that though, and are here for the featured guest.

No word on who helmed the production but it sounds like The Weeknd’s team of Doc McKinney and Illangelo, with plenty of atmosphere and dark soundscapes packed into the verses and a Wiz-tailored step up for the hook. The Weeknd does a solid job with the vocals on the hook, keeping them at his unique, ethereal best whilst injecting some intensity and energy to keep pace with the production’s various twists and turns. Whilst Wiz’s verses don’t feel as though they take full advantage of the beat’s vibe, they were unlikely to defy expectations and are essentially standard Wiz raps about his lavish lifestyle. His highlight moment comes in his more serious bridge toward the final third of the track, his voice switching from a piercing pitch to something more subtle and fitted to the production. A decent effort that should be a hit for Wiz, and another boost to The Weeknd’s hook reputation.

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