Travis Porter-That Feelin' ft. Mike Posner (Video)

A slice of something a little more mainstream in terms of hip-hop, but an enjoyable laidback one that could be a decent hit for the Travis Porter duo. It’s nice to hear from Posner again too, who’s been quiet in terms of music activity in recent months.

The Just Blaze-helmed smooth beat and Posner’s whispery vocals synergise excellently, giving the song a consistently easygoing vibe that would have probably made this a playlist dominator for those summer days-shame it’s come too late for us over here. It’s rare to hear Blaze come through with this style, and it’s generally a good listen whenever he does so. Travis’ verses are decent enough for the track type, keeping things fairly light and uncomplicated throughout, traits which suit the vibe of the track. No unecessary complexity, no complaints.

The visual opens in a relaxed manner, depicting an enviably bright drive to Las Vegas, before slowly injecting a little more playfulness which results in the now-customary nightclub scenes. It’s a clip that fits well enough with the audio, and doesn’t make any conceited attempts at a storyline. Grab this on Amazon now.

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