Travis Barker-Push 'Em ft. Yelawolf

If there’s one thing this duo promises, it’s energy and in-your-face relentlessness. That’s exactly what you get with the first release from their upcoming Psycho White collaborative EP.

Yela stepped out of his comfort zone when unexpectedly working with Ed Sheeran earlier this year and though the music was good, this is better suited to his high-octane style. Travis sets up an insanely quick production, with speedy drums and pulsating bass combining to give Yela a strong backdrop to work with, and his flow doesn’t shirk the responsibility. The verses are full of lightning quick raps, including a mind-bendingly fast burst halfway through the track, whilst his work on the hook is anthemic and downright catchy. Yela’s always had a punk influence on his work, and it definitely shines through on this one. Rapid raps over a sharp production with a hook that’ll get you bouncing around the room. No complaints here.

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