Torch-Slow Down ft. Meek Mill, Gunplay, Wale, Young Breed and Stalley (Video)

The MMG clan almost come together in their entireity on this one, and there’s always a sense of trepidation when seeing a line-up this strong from the group, usually because it results in tired flows on repetitive beats.

Not this time. The production is funky, upbeat and packed with an infectious energy, elements which are excellently recreated by every rapper on the track. Torch lays down the gauntlet with a speedy delivery that sets things off nicely, before Meek Mill jumps in with quick raps of his own that amp up the track’s intensity, helped by an energetic performance in the video. A smooth vocal hook eases things off briefly before the ever-crazy Gunplay gets going with a very active performance of another in-your-face verse, followed by Wale who comes close to getting the highlight verse with a watertight flow delivered with an unflappable cool. Breed makes a decent account of himself next, and Stalley’s on last with the standout verse, combining razor-sharp flow with lyricism that’s different enough from his colleagues to command a little more attention. A surprisingly enjoyable posse cut. iTunes is your friend.

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