The Weeknd Signs Deal With Universal Republic

A quick blast for you Weeknd fans starved of material and/or updates. He’s been courted by more labels than you can begin to imagine (including the now-obligatory flirtation with Diddy and Bad Boy), but has joined the Universal Republic roster alongside Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift and more. That doesn’t mean his situation is cut and dry though, as he can still ink a deal with a Universal subsidiary such as Cash Money.

He’s long been speaking about re-releasing his three hugely-popular free mixtapes as a physical and digital trilogy collection, and this deal comes with a release date for that project-13th November. It’s set to not only include the remastered versions of every track he promised, but also some new and previously-unheard material. Plenty to look forward to, and I’m sure one or two pieces of material will break prior to that date.

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