Stalley- Last Day on the MT ft. Rashad

The first from the second edition of Stalley’s Songs by Me, Stalley series. “Last Day on the MT” features Rashad and is produced by Cardo.

He of the glorious beard has been one of my favourite rappers this year, and it’s great to get some fresh material to follow up his much-praised Savage Journey to the American Dream mixtape. This is a laidback effort, with Rashad dropping off a drifty hook to utilise this summery, relaxed production to its fullest. Stalley’s piercing voice contrasts with the beat’s soft percussion and whispered melodies to good effect, giving them a standout quality that showcases his rarely-disappointing and easily-digestable lyrical work, and this is a good all-rounder that’s a solid addition to any (end of) summer playlist.

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