Stalley-Home to You ft. Wale and Anthony Flammia (Video)

Anybody else’s version of Savage Journey to the American Dream have a broken version of this song? Sadly, mine did. A shame, as it’s one of several standouts from Stalley’s tape.

Flammia does a great job with a soulful hook with lyricism that blends nicely with the raps, anchoring the song well, whilst frequent Stalley collaborators Block Beattaz serve up a futuristic yet laidback production that pads the track out with a great atmosphere. Stalley’s raps are once again enjoyable and complementary to the production style, his slick flows being strong throughout whilst his lyrics blend transparent honesty with a little attitude for a nice combination play. Wale’s a real downer on this one, his confused delivery not synergising with the beat, and his arrogant raps not working with the track as a whole.

The visual is great, picking up on that atmospheric and futuristic style with bright lights on the backdrop of nighttime scenery, adding a lot of vibrancy to the clip but without compromising the chillout side of the track. Worth a listen, and a nice easy watch to boot. Mixtape can be grabbed here.

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