Scoe-Thank You ft. Kendrick Lamar

He’s new to my ears, but bringing a Kendrick feature and a soulful production on your introduction is always going to get you in hip-hop’s good graces without a doubt.

The beat’s got a lovely Dilla/early-Kanye West style to it, with a relaxed pace, an intermittent soul vocal sample and a high-pitched synth floating in and out to bring some texture to the soundscape. Scoe’s raps are enjoyable throughout, bringing forth some biographical work that are pretty easy on the ear and ride the smooth production well. Kendrick turns the speed up a little, with a quick and tidy flow that has its speed almost disguised by the pace of the beat, taking the edge off a little and keeping the raps in a relaxed style. A very likeable all-rounder that’ll make an easygoing addition to many playlists.

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