Rihanna-Cockiness Remix ft. A$AP Rocky

Huge co-sign for Rocky, as Rihanna nabs him for the official remix to what I assume is to be her next single from her latest album.

It’s clear why Rocky’s picked for this one, with the slowed down production being a great fit for his slurry style and allowing enough room for his confidence to pierce through and dominate the verse. As ever, it’s no lyrical masterpiece from him, but is full of the easygoing style that continues to endear him to mainstream audiences. It’s a very hip-hop inspired production from beatsmith Bangladesh, utilising his repetitive vocal sample style throughout the track (probably because he literally cannot make any other type of beat), which also forces Rihanna to adopt a rap-esque approach for her verse.

Can’t say I care a great deal for it overall though, as the production becomes annoying very quickly, and there’s little else going on of note. Nonetheless, this will have its fans and it’s a great shine for Rocky.

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