Phonte-Gonna Be A Beautiful Night ft. Carlitta Durand (Video)

Without question this was my favourite track from Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home album, released almost exactly a year ago. An easy one to miss for casual fans, but don’t miss it this time.

The influence his work with The Foreign Exchange has had on him is at its most evident throughout this one, particularly in the production. The beat is laidback and wintery, combining soft and meandering synths with relatively sharp percussion for a clash of styles that works nicely. The combination of vocals from Phonte and Carlitta adds a warmth and depth to the atmospheric production, moulding that beat into something less ‘cold’ and more into a vital component of what is a relaxing and sultry soul/R&B track. Carlitta’s vocals in particular work as a nice break between Phonte’s singing and rapping, giving the track some diversity.

The visual further enhances the relatability of the track, with initimate nighttime scenes and performance close-ups combining for a very human and down-to-earth audiovisual. A great track that would have probably escaped your attention initially. Don’t let it happen again: iTunes.

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