Nipsey Hu$$le-Get Away ft. Ken Malik

Nipsey’s been taking on all sorts of old-school productions with his recent series of leaks and comes through with another freebie, this time taking Ja Rule’s Put It On Me for a spin.

It’s one of the most recognisable mainstream hip-hop tracks of the early 00′s, and Nipsey doesn’t back down from its stature, coming through with some confident raps that pack in a few different flows, each one remaining watertight. Of course, he’s no slouch on hooks either and harmonises well enough to stamp his authority on the track, before newcomer Ken drops off a decent, if unspectacular, introduction to his capabilities. A nice quick blast that isn’t anywhere near as ‘classic’ as the original, but a good refresh of a memorable production nonetheless that’s worth a couple of plays.

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