Nicki Minaj-Mercy Remix ft. Iggy Azalea

A couple of disclaimers: firstly, I don’t rate Iggy Azalea at all. She’s a novelty at best, and has minimal rapping ability. Secondly, as a result I can’t verify whether her verse on this or a legit remix, or just ripped from another song and mixed onto the beat. Finally, the Minaj verse is from her remix of this with Lil’ Wayne on his recent Dedication 4 mixtape (assuming you understandably didn’t download that).

If the above statements didn’t clear it up, I’m not exactly beside myself with excitement over this. Minaj’s verse is nursery rhyme bad at the start and end, though there’s a flash of her ability with a quicker flow in the middle section of the verse, whilst Iggy’s contribution is so insanely boring I refuse to write any more.

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