Morain - Are We Lost [Video]

As y’all know, I’m a hippity hopper, so when I post music that isn’t in that genre, it’s going to be pretty good, right? Right! Press play on the left and read the PR below. Big track.

Morain have just released a new music video for the title track off their forthcoming debut EP ‘Are We Lost’. The moody video was shot by Tall Man Short Man Films in Newcastle at a working men’s club. The track ‘Are We Lost’ was from the first batch of album sessions that the band recorded and always stood out as one of producer Jason Perry’s favourties.

Morain’s very first EP release ‘Are We Lost’ is a four track collection of beautifully crafted melodic rock and is set to be released as a free download through under Indigo Records on 23rd September. Indigo is a label set up by members of the band Futures to release their own debut album.

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