Missy Elliott-9th Inning ft. Timbaland (Snippet)

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder (worst intro line ever). After a 7-year absence from the solo music scene (and for the most part, collaborations too), the incomparable Missy Elliott is gearing up to make her return with this single from her 7th album, Block Party.

It’s only a short snippet but there’s plenty of promise here. Timbo seems to have rediscovered a little verve with the production, throwing out a bassy percussion together with an elegant melody and leaving little to no trace of the overworked dance-style he’d been relying on in recent years. Missy’s flow is as slick as ever too, with the lone verse we’re treated to suggesting that hunger hasn’t disappeared and she’s ready to remind hip-hop what she’s capable of. That full version can’t come soon enough.

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