Missy Elliott-9th Inning and Triple Threat ft. Timbaland

The previously-released snippet had plenty of promise and the full track is released to stream, coming with Triple Threat tacked on at the end.

That Timbo production on 9th Inning sounds excellent at length, with the melody’s urgency and freneticism allowed to shine and expand. Missy’s raps, whilst a welcome return, don’t possess the uniqueness I’d hoped for and instead seem to take on a current-day style; a strange criticism to make, but it’s not necessarily one at all. It may simply be that many of today’s female rappers have been heavily influenced by Missy, and hence Missy’s style seems diluted, but I found this a much more familiar listen than expected. I appreciate, however, that it’s an odd flaw to point out.

Triple Threat has more uniqueness about it overall. The string-heavy production brings a touch of class to the beat, whilst Missy takes on the relatively tricky production with a series of strong flows that suggest she’s not lost any sharpness. Undoubtedly, the Azealia Banks comparisons will come out with this one, but to my above point, it’s tough to tell which way the influencing has happened. Regardless, they’re two solid tracks for sure and Block Party should shape up quite well.

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