Miguel-Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview EP

We recieved the first part of Miguel’s unique and creative release schedule a little over a month ago, and it undoubtedly caught the interest of many R&B heads. Miguel’s actually come through a few days early (a music rarity!) with the second instalment, a sign of confidence in his material, and he’s right to be.

Again, it comes in at a brief 3 tracks long but its enough to whet the appetite for the album. Do You starts as a slowed down effort with some playful lyricism, before moving into a funkier, more positive style as the track unfolds in what is a nice progression. The title track, Kaleidoscope Dream, grabs the unforgettable bassline from Eminem’s My Name Is, repurposing it for Miguel’s soulful vocals which are at their airy, drifty best throughout this, before The Thrill closes things off with a jagged guitar melody and a more emotional vocal style. Once again, it’s a diverse collection from the diversly-talented Miguel, and I’m looking forward to the final instalment next month.

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