Miguel-Kaleidoscope Dream (Full Album Stream)

Miguel’s release style for this album has been commendably unique, and finally we’re treated to his entire sophomore LP. With that 2nd October release date a little over a week away, this is a step by Miguel that suggests he has absolute confidence in the material.

Many Miguel fans will be familiar with large chunks of this album, but there’s plenty of new work to enjoy. Truthfully, his debut album was disappointing, but his stock has risen again considerably since putting out a series of EPs earlier this year. He’s demonstrated the skills, consistency and beat selections to back up all of that ever-increasing hype, a trait I expect to continue through the 11-tracks here, and one that should erase memories of his disappointing debut.

His diversity has shone through across his material in the last year, and hence he’s not someone who needs features due to the ever-changing nature of his style. However, the lone Alicia Keys feature will definitely warrant some attention. Shouts to NPR for the early release stream, be sure to grab the LP next Tuesday.

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