MellowHype’s Numbers album is only a few weeks away, and whilst I was only really initially interested to hear the studio version of 65, each release they’ve put out from the album so far has really demonstrated the diversity they’re capable of.

LeftBrain’s work on the boards here is excellent, packaging a heavy bassline up with extremely light, airy melodies for a contrast that works well to cover a lot of ground in terms of production style. Hodgy’s got a lot of work to work a production with that sort of variety and he does a decent enough job with the raps, once again scaling back from the shock tactics style he’d been pigeonholed as, instead providing neat and clear raps that aren’t massively intricate lyrically, but importantly they’re delivered in a set of watertight flows (particularly in the first verse) that make for great listening. The album’s released on 9th October, and it’s all set to be one of the better projects from the Odd Future clan.

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