Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down Lamborghini Angels

We’ve heard various tracks from Lupe’s Food and Liquor 2 (released tomorrow in the US, 1st Oct over here), but this was arguably the one that carried signs of tangible hope, and signified a return to lyrical form to Lupe fans who had lost so much faith after Lasers. Various snippets of the lyrics were thoroughly excellent with a plethora of potential meanings, some of which Lupe takes the time to break down with Rap Genius. It’s a very insightful and worthwhile watch for current and recovering Lupe fans, not least because it shows he’s still got that penchant for detail and heavy dose of uniqueness.

There was a time when ‘rap genius’ was a title afforded to Lupe. Despite his often preachy statements on Twitter and such, rarely is Lupe better than when he’s oppressed or angry: I’ve got high hopes that his album can help restore him back to the upper echelons of hip-hop, and let’s see (if you haven’t already…) if that happens.

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