Lupe Fiasco-American Terrorist part 2

After part 3 of American Terrorist was released late last year, I and many others wondered where we’d missed part 2. By the look of things, it may find a home on his upcoming album as he kindly let loose an unfinished version of the track yesterday, hours after he announced his intention to ‘retire’ from hip-hop. Frankly, I’m not sure whether I believe that will actually happen but that’s one for another time.

The frenetic dubstep-style backdrop of this one is an extremely lively affair, with the multitude of chunky synth layers giving it an energy and vibrancy that you’d expect from a typical mainstream track. However, Lupe’s lyricism on the American Terrorist tracks has been enjoyable to date, and this is another example of solid work with the raps, avoiding the mainstream pitfall this beat could have lured him into and sticking to some good output. Hence, it’s one that pretty much satisfies everyone: a pulsating beat for the mainstream heads, and decent lyricism for the rest. Can’t argue with that.

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