Lloyd-Swimming Pools (Drank) Remix ft. August Alsina

Having worked together recently on a track from Alsina’s recent project, the two collaborate again to remix Kendrick Lamar’s thoroughly excellent single.

They’ve come up with the goods too. Lloyd opens with some empassioned vocals on this dark production, contrasting its moody nature with some very lively vocals, before steps into the hook superbly by retaining Kendrick’s lyrics whilst ensuring his vocals are memorable. August jumps in for verse two with a strong delivery of his own, including a quickfire rap style toward the end of the verse, before giving his individual take on the hook. One of few remixes of this track, but unquestionably artists are going to have to go some to top this. A great accompaniment to the original, and look out for Lloyd’s Playboy Diaries mixtape to drop soon.

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