Linkin Park-Lost In The Echo (Video)

Linkin Park dominated my teenage years, and even in adulthood going back and listening to their first two albums remains a treat. Their album prior to this one, A Thousand Suns, was entirely terrible and undid a lot of good work but thankfully their latest album, Living Things, has really put them back on track and for the most part is an enjoyable listen.

This is one of the strongest tracks from the LP, and a good choice for a video. The audio brings back all of the classic Linkin Park elements we’ve been missing for years: Mike Shinoda’s rapping again, the guitar work is big, engaging and loud, and Chester delivers a soaring hook that morphs into a searing bridge further down the track. The clip is set in a post-apocalyptic world, giving it the impressive, cinematic vibe that Linkin Park tend to favour with their videos, and reflects portions of the lyrics well with various seemingly ‘final’ encounters between loved ones. Despite no connection to the characters, it’s a situation many will relate to and coupled with some decent performances from a few of the actors, it actually becomes quite an emotional and gripping video, and links with the audio to become an excellent all-round experience.

Apparently, there’s an interactive element of this video whereby it involves your pictures. It’s not loading properly for me, but head here to check that functionality out and feel free to report back on it.

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