Lil' Wayne-Dedication 4 (Mixtape)

With zero knowledge that this was due today, I’ve coincidentally been listening to some old school Wayne recently, reliving the glory days when he was unquestionably the hottest (whatever that means) in the game. Da Drought 3, for those of you interested.

Fail after fail means I’m far removed from this guy’s career nowadays though. His releases have been generally disappointing (everyone played Tha Carter 4 for about a week before pretty much never touching it again), but if there’s one medium that will always provide a glimmer of hope for Wayne fans, it’s the mixtape scene. If he can rediscover the hunger and fury he once had, I’ve got no doubts this will be a great project, however his recently-professed love and preference for skateboarding doesn’t bode well. A handful of big features on this as you’d expect, and you can grab the 15-track for free below.

Lil’ Wayne-Dedication 4

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