Kilo Kish-Navy (Video)

My opinion on Kilo Kish flip-flops a little, and not because 95% of her fans are the worst kind of hipsters. At times, her spoken word style is quite likeable and she’s definitely got something magnetising about her, but at others it seems her music lacks direction or consistency, and that blunt vocal style can become somewhat grating.

This time, it comes off well. The production, which I think was helmed by Matt Martians but I’m yet to confirm, is laidback and has a little touch of cold winter about it (yep, that music season is coming), making the dark nightime visual an excellent fit. The bassy plucks in the verses contrast with the wavy, airy synths on the hook well and Kilo’s delivery matches up to both well-the verses are sharp and delivered with some verve, whilst the work on the hook is much softer and melodic.

There’s a lot to like about this one, and it’s worth giving a watch and listen if you’re new to Kilo. She’s unquestionably headed for greatness regardless of my views on her consistency, and you can grab this track on the Homeschool EP for free.

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