Kid Cudi Previews 'King Wizard'

Cudi took to YouTube to let loose a preview of something new from his upcoming Indicud album, and with more and more of his new material coming to light with each passing day, this is another to keep his fans satiated before that album drops.

Naturally, the quality is pretty sketchy given it’s him essentially playing it from his laptop and then streaming it to the world, meaning its difficult to get a real grasp on the song’s qualities. However, there’s enough there to latch on to, with that alternative WZRD influence pretty heavy throughout via the Ratatat-esque production and anthemic hook work, whilst he also comes through with some strong flows on the verses. It’s not the full song unfortunately, but it’s clear there’s much more positivity in this track than on almost any track from the last solo album, and that’s never a bad thing. Indicud coming soon…hopefully.

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