Kendrick Lamar-The Art Of Peer Pressure

It’s unclear whether this is destined for his upcoming good kid, m.A.A.d city album, but I’d hope so as its another fantastic Kendrick track. The production is dark and moody, blending gristly bass with muted percussion for a downplayed production that rightly spotlights Kendrick’s lyrical work. It’s another of those that sounds like an internal monologue, much like portions of Swimming Pools, as Kendrick reflects at length on in certain activities with his crew. His delivery is downbeat and almost regretful, combining well with the subdued production for a thoughtful atmosphere that adds the reluctance to the lyricism that ties it into to the hook and song title. There aren’t too many lyrics in this that state he actually has a problem with what he’s done or is pressured into doing any of it; instead, that all comes from his clever emotional delivery. Another unique and enjoyable one from Kendrick, and look out for that album on 22nd October.

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