Jeremih-Keep It Moving ft. Marcus French (Video)

I’ve only ever really been passive to Jeremih and his material, but when this was released a few weeks back, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s not escaped my rotation since.

The strength of this laidback audio is one thing, but Jeremih’s really brought the goods with the visual too. It’s a fun, easygoing clip with some nice animation and a generally playful vibe that takes this audiovisual into a direction I definitely didn’t see coming, but thoroughly enjoy. It allows him to express much more character than he usually does, whilst pushing the song more toward a bright, summer style, which only reflects positive connotations. Credit to Marcus French too, a newcomer to my eyes and ears, who makes a big impression with a charismatic performance of his own. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see artists not taking themselves too seriously, and you can grab this track on Jeremih’s Late Nights mixtape if you’re suitably impressed.

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