Jean Grae-Kill Screen (Video)

Jean Grae’s self filmed, directed and edited dark, noir like full length video for her latest single, “Kill Screen.” A prequel? A sequel? Both? Look for the hidden messages in between frames..

It’s rare we get visuals from Jean Grae, and whilst her rap credentials are there for all to see, this makes for a great opportunity to show herself off as a more rounded entertainer. What it’ll also do is mess with your head.

The video’s extremely dark, both literally and figuratively, and requires intense viewing to get any remote hint as to what the hell is going on. There’s a recurring theme of psychological breakdown and oppression, and even to patch that theme together requires careful observation of those hidden message. For more, you’re going to have to watch this: I don’t want to spoil the video as a key element of it is the interactivity and dedication required. I’ll give you only two tips: don’t assume the scenes are sequential, and look for a link within one of the frames.

With layers of subtlety, interactivity and sophistication that most artists in any genre could only dream of, requiring you to properly watch, focus on and engage with it, things which are easy to avoid doing with most videos. Clever and skilled work by Jean, look out for Gotham Down.

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