J. Cole-I'm A Fool

Brilliant story behind this one. A fan Tweeted Cole, pushing for this particular track to get released, assumedly based on Cole performing it live a few weeks back. Cole took it upon himself to email the fan the track, stating ‘You got the juice now. hahaaa‘, with the song attached.

He’s been dripping material out slowly in recent months, and there’s talk this one is from his upcoming album, as is the snippet at the end. If that’s the case the signs are good for the album, with Cole bringing a soulful sound akin to his work on The Warm Up, but with a heavy dose of added maturity to the raps, lacing the track with plenty of confidence and comfort in his status. The production’s the big winner for me, with the vocal samples adding depth to the verses and bolstering the hook immeasurably, whilst the positivity of the rest of the beat ties everything together in a nice, upbeat package. More of this ilk and Cole’s got a project to be proud of.

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