Frank Ocean-Thinkin' Bout You (Live at the MTV VMA's)

It’s been one hell of a year for this guy, and he got a much deserved slot at last night’s VMA’s, which I believe air on our shores tonight for those of you interested.

In honesty, for me it’s only the performances that are worth watching nowadays, and one from Frank makes this even more of a must-watch. The stage setup seems to be going for that campfire under the star-lit sky effect, one which is perfectly suited to this wonderfully tender audio, and certainly fitting for the stripped back version that’s performed here.

Truthfully, the minimal guitar work here doesn’t really work for me as it sounds off-beat most of the time and doesn’t seem to sync with Frank’s vocals for any decent length of time. That leaves Frank to carry the performance with a fantastic performance of the track, capturing the song’s mood and emotion excellently, whilst doing a good job with the many difficult notes in the track. Worth a watch for sure.

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