Frank Ocean-Blue Whale

Whether it’s new or unreleased isn’t clear, or important, but Frank took to his Tumblr yesterday to unexpectedly let this previously-unheard effort go. This one has Frank on a rap/spoken word style throughout, a delivery we’ve heard him utilise in short bursts on several occasions previously, but not at this sort of length.

It’s going to prove divisive, as it won’t really be what most Frank Ocean fans signed up for, but the stream of consciousness style of the lyrics does make this worth a couple of close listens. It’s no songwriting masterpiece, instead being a slightly attitudinal outpouring from Frank and hence there’s a nice personal vibe about it, something the soft and almost homely production does a good job of emphasising. The grainy, unfinished nature of the track is also worth noting for adding to the organic vibe of the track. It isn’t one you’ll recount as a classic, but it’s the insight into his thinking that makes for an interesting departure from his usual storytelling.

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