Elle Varner-I Don't Care (Video)

Big fan of this song when it dropped back in July, and this video is a great reminder of its quality.

Elle’s vocals are at their raw, emotional best throughout this one, whilst her lyricism is honest and largely unfussy: the resulting combination is a ton of relatability and piles of listenability, and whilst the production tries at various points to overthrow Elle’s command over the track, her excellent presence both on the mic and in the video ensures that never happens.

The clip solidifies her as one of the more likeable upcoming talents, with plenty of facetime spread across regular performance shots and some more intimate moments, capturing the audio’s hybrid combination of bedroom music and powerful soul. There’s not much to dislike here, and I’m sure the R&B and soul heads will enjoy this. Grab the track on her Perfectly Imperfect album now.

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