Drake-Where Were You ft. Colin Munroe and Dawn Richard

I picked this up a week ago, and frankly dismissed it as another Drake demo that warranted minimal attention. My mistake, as the version I had didn’t credit Colin Munroe-if it had, I’d have known to expect much more. Worth noting that a Colin and Drake collaboration from 2010 has the same name, but is not the same song.

Whilst I don’t doubt this will still end up as a demo for someone else, it’s up there with one of his better reference tracks. Drake opens with a wistful verse that harks right back to his So Far Gone days, before Munroe jumps in on an airy, drifty hook that’ll stick around your head for quite some time. Dawn Richard comes through with a whispery and tender verse of her own, before Drake closes off with a rapped verse. Four very distinct vocal deliveries from three artists, and they’re all set to a wintery production filled full of melancholy yet with a speed of percussion that belies the mood of the track. A likeable all-rounder with an inescapably addictive hook.

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