Daley-Remember Me ft. Jessie J

Daley’s been missing from the soul scene since his excellent Those Who Wait mixtape over a year ago, but returns with a huge feature here for his latest single that’ll probably find a home on his debut LP.

Big fan of the old school sample used here (Blue Boy’s Remember Me, for those who care), and its retro nature combines well with an upbeat, often funky production for a lively number that’s quite the departure from his regular slowed down, soulful style.

What’s really commendable about the audio is Jessie’s selflessness, as Daley is extremely prominent throughout, with Jessie providing backup where needed. The moments where she steps in certainly add a layer of variety to the track, and whilst merely having her name attached should help this track to reach new audiences, the quality of the music certainly holds its own. Breakout single? For sure.

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