Crystal Castles-Plague (Video)

Bizarre, disquieting and a whole lot weird.

And yet, oddly engaging. I found myself pausing it at 20 second intervals to have a break, but I’d still go back to watch more. The video essentially has its character undergoing some kind of possession or mental episode in a subway, throwing herself around viciously and generally being rather unusual. The interjection of a brief scene of what appears to be a flashback to her teaching ballet heightens this, as one of her students completely snaps mentally, something that’s never easy to watch. There’s are no unecessary layers of storyline. This is meant to be very uncomfortable viewing and that’s exactly what it is.

The audio is, by contrast, much more layered and makes for a good listen. Opening slowly and somewhat ominously, the track moves into a pulsating hook that seems to be firing synths out at a relentless rate, when in fact it isn’t: the sheer intensity of them is overwhelming, particularly when coupled with the ferocious visuals and sharp, distinctive vocals of Alice Glass. An audiovisual with a ton of uniqueness.

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