Cris Cab-Paradise (On Earth)

Cris Cab has announced he will be releasing his debut EP, RISE, on October 9th. Cris has given his fans a glimpse into the project with Paradise (On Earth), the second offering from RISE, produced by Malay (Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange).

I’ve caught a few of Cris’ tracks in recent months, and it’s about time he got his due shine here. There’s a hybrid style to his music, blending together R&B and pop with a slight reggae twist, and the output is one that’s usually quite enjoyable. This is a good example, with a production that packs enough punch in the percussion to remain suitably engaging without undermining the more laidback elements of the rest of the production, which themselves add a calming atmosphere to the track. Cris’ vocals progress well throughout the song, stepping up for the hook without going overboard, and this is a solid all-rounder that many R&B heads will enjoy.

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