Big Sean-RWT (Video)

He’s been very generous with the visuals this last week, and this is one last release from Detroit before it drops in a few hours.

There’s no doubt this is a significantly ‘harder’ slice of hip-hop than the previous releases, and it’s a demonstration of the versatility he possesses. The production has that Lex Luger/MMG stamp all over it courtesy of urgent synths, consistent percussion with plenty of bass, and a powerful step up for the hook that ups the energy of the track. Sean’s flows are as on point as ever, particularly in a short flurry toward the last third of the track, whilst his lyricism veers between his renown arrogance and wit to good effect.

Given the recent California forest fire, the video’s arsonist and anti-tree nature probably isn’t quite the most sensitive choice. Nonetheless, it’s an OK visual that doesn’t achieve a great deal, but plays off the production’s energy well enough.

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