Big Sean-24 Karats of Gold (Video)

Another short clip from Sean’s upcoming Detroit mixtape, which lands in just a few short days on 5th September.

The first release was an enjoyable effort with a throwback-style production, whilst this one is a little more contemporary, utilising Sean’s oft-favoured rapping-singing hybrid delivery for a positive and mainstream-friendly hook. The verses are all about Sean’s good living nowadays, though the video hints at considerably more introspection and focuses on Sean seemingly reflecting whilst he’s ‘taken to prison’. Whether it’s a metaphor or simply a story for the video (likely both) is up for debate, but it add a great deal of depth to what would otherwise be a track that’s a little thin on the ground. Let’s see how the full version turns out, and as it’s expected to boast a J. Cole feature, it may yet improve.

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