Bat For Lashes-Marilyn

Brand new material from her upcoming The Haunted Man album, and this is one I fully expect the mainstream heads to appreciate.

The track opens with a meandering melody and drifty vocals, creating an almost dream-like atmosphere that makes this instantly engaging, before Natasha ramps up the vocals to drive the track into something with much more emotion and gravitas. Whilst I’ve not been as on-the-ball with her material as I should be, the duality of the vocal performance here is amongst the best I’ve heard from her in terms of skill and versatility, and there’s no doubt it makes this a track that’s easy to appreciate. The unerring consistency of the atmosphere created by the production also warrants much praise, as despite being rather different between the hook and verses, the vibe that results remains equally ethereal throughout, matching the subtlety of the vocals on the verses and the grandeur of them on the hook.

A great slice of alternative pop, and you can grab this one for free on Amazon (believe it or not).

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