Azealia Banks-1991 (Video)

More new visuals from the magnetic Azealia Banks, and this time it’s the title track from the 1991 EP.

The production on this one really stretches Azealia’s rapping style, bringing a minimalistic electronic style composed of clunky percussion and trance-esque vocal samples, wrapped into a layer of progression that adds more layers to the production as the track develops. It’s a dynamic beat that comes at a tempo which requires slick, watertight raps and Banks doesn’t disappoint, even switching it up to a singing delivery towards the end to throw her own piece of diversity into the varied production. It’s a good track that probably won’t revolutionise anyone’s listening, but is a solid listen nonetheless.

As ever, Azealia’s incredibly charismatic and impossible to take your eyes off on-screen, once again demonstrating her renown love for fashion, whilst even adding a little choreography to mix things up a little. A decent track that’s certainly enhanced by the audio.

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