Zodiac-Come ft. Jesse Boykins III

Zodiac, or Jeremy Rose, is said to be one of the producers behind The Weeknd’s House of Balloons but failed to recieve credit for his work on early versions of The Morning and What You Need. As two of that project’s best tracks, it’s with great excitement that I gave this a go, with the feature of one of the finer upcoming vocalists being another very good reason to do so.

That gloomy, winter feeling that cascaded through the aforementioned album is driven right through this one, fusing haunting synths with soft, barely-there percussion for verses that feel pulled straight from a dream sequence. The hook throws in a dulled tambourine for an injection of comparative liveliness, and the soundscape ends up being one that competes with any ‘downbeat R&B’ of this nature. JB3′s never disappoints vocally and his performance is tailored skilfully to the production, delivering a whispery and almost fragile performance that throws forth plenty of emotion without resorting to ‘passion’ to do so. A superb track with some great subtleties, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for the full 5-track EP on 24th September.

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