Visitor-Coming Home

COMING HOME is an emotional journey of loss and searching. The lyrical themes are backed by an intricate array of guitar arpeggios, driving bass, chiming melodies and Diamond Cut’s signature synth and production work.

Swimming around the swamp that is my inbox are Visitor, hailing from these very shores, and combining electronic, alternative and pop together for an incredibly-refined sound that’s both familiar and unique. That blend is represented in the production, with bright, in-your-face synths, driving percussion and a smattering of other elements in the mix, resulting in a positive, extremely mainstream-friendly beat that’ll set them in good stead. The rousing vocals capitalise on that upbeat nature, yet the lyrics are of ‘loss and searching’ as described above, making for a mix that incites a reaction in the listener (energy and happiness) somewhat opposed to that lyrical message. A decent listen that could really break out into the mainstream consciousness, and our younger audience should really enjoy this.

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