Trey Songz-I Don't Like Remix

Remember the days when Trey’s remixes were pretty much the reason his career took off? Since that 2008 heyday, his remixes haven’t been quite as strong, but here that’s corrected with one of the best versions of this track to date.

The beat is reworked a little, particularly in the opening and closing 30 seconds, as some additional keys and synths are thrown in to really soften the beat and make it perfect for a touch of Trey’s singing. The reason for his lapse in quality on remixes in recent years has been his inclination to rap instead of sing: interestingly most of this song is rapped, and it’s one of his best rap performances to date, bringing a slick flow and lyricism that suits the upbeat production well. Worth grabbing for sure, and let’s see if he keeps this up.

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