Trey Songz-Hail Mary ft. Young Jeezy & Lil’ Wayne

Did you think I forgot about the original R&B Fridays fans? This one is nothing more than a slice of club music that’ll keep those R&B/pop heads going until Trey drops off the Chapter V album on 21st August.

The production is bass-heavy, anchoring around punchy booms that’ll rattle your speakers and supported by light synths and samples that add some finer detail. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary in the beat, and it’s clearly just one intended to get your head-nodding and not a whole lot else, which is no crime. It’s one very suited to being rapped on, and hence Jeezy ends up being the real standout here with a memorable verse courtesy of his gravelly tones and ever-catchy adlibs complementing the beat well. Trey’s hook is a touch weaker than it should be, but nonetheless I’m sure plenty of folks will be reciting it on dancefloors across the country soon enough, whilst his and Wayne’s verses are little more than average. Worth a go for that Jeezy verse.

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