The xx-Chained

Angels hasn’t even been at threat of leaving my rotation, and it looks like it’s quickly about to be joined by the second release from The xx’s upcoming sophomore album, Coexist.

As with the aforementioned first single, this is stylistically similar to their debut album, which will come as a welcome announcement for many. I’ve said it before but there’s always the threat that bands try to change it up too much, and The xx instead stick with what they’re excellent at, combining alternative, R&B and several other genres into a delicately cohesive product. It’s a touch livelier than Angels, opening with a much more active bass and quickly supporting that with additional percussion, whilst Oliver’s back to leading vocals with his deep, often-hypnotic tones, his dueting with Romy throughout being a real highlight of the track. The track also brings back those sharp yet atmospheric plucked melodies towards the end (you’ll know what I mean when you hear it), offering a clear sonic tie-in to their previous works, and this is another almost effortlessly superb bit of music from the trio.

The album drops on 10th September, and you can pre-order it here.

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