The xx-Angels (Live in Tokyo)

Coexist is mere weeks away now, and the single that seems to be gaining traction by the minute recieves another boost with this superb performance.

Filmed whilst out in Japan on a recent tour, their hotel room is converted into a makeshift performance area, only adding to the intimacy of this tender track. Under the assumption that there weren’t any post-edit tweaks (which is unlikely), the vocal and instrumental performance is absolutely flawless throughout, as Romy retains the beauty and gentleness of the studio version’s work in both aspects with a great performance.

The nighttime scenery and various cuts to other members of the band certainly help to set the scene and match up to that mental picture many of us had on hearing Angels, which is essentially all you usually want from a music video. And yet, this isn’t the video for the song. Very enjoyable stuff, and you can pre-order the album right now.

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